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This school focuses on underlying subcellular biology and treatment for various mental and physical disorders and diseases. Classes, taught worldwide, focus on epigenetic damage and trauma, psychoneuroimmunology, prenatal developmental trauma, and other topics relevant to cutting-edge therapy and medicine.

These courses came directly out of the research taking place at the Institute for the Study of Peak States in Canada. For more information on their work and discoveries, we refer you to the PeakStates research website.

All our best,
~ Shayne McKenzie, CEO

~ Dr. Grant McFetridge, Research Director

School News

May 21, 2019: A conference for therapists and laypeople who've taken our courses will be in Switzerland Aug 22-25, 2019. Contact us if you would like to attend. The focus will be on new techniques, theory, and treatments. And having fun with your peers.

Jan 20, 2016:
The Institute school information has been updated and placed in its own website.

June 28. 2015: The 7 minute video, "A fungal disease origin for 'hearing voices' (schizophrenia)" has just been uploaded. Created by Piotr Kawecki and narrated by Dr. McFetridge, it explains with illustrations the subcellular biology of the most common form of 'voices'.

Added Dec 11, 2014: Lectures on subcellular psychobiology by Dr. McFetridge are now online. Filmed in Denmark in 2007, these lectures cover some of the basics of this new field, including some of the safety issues.

Added Nov 15, 2014: Our Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook has been published and is now on Amazon, where you can 'look inside the book'. Written for therapists and psychiatrists, it is used in our professional training. You might enjoy our blog about how this work came about, and why it took us 12 years to publish.

Added Sept 30, 2014: A 'how-to' article for therapists on what 'pay for results' means and how to implement it in their practice. It is a copy of chapter 3 and appendix 10 from our new Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook.

Added April 7, 2014: Now online is a two hour video explaining the Inner Peace state and our trauma-based approach for acquiring it. Filmed in 2002, it shows people using the process in a workshop setting and their results. We've also included a short blog entry about the history of the film and what happened to it.

Added Jan 27, 2014: On a new safety bulletin webpage, we explain that suicidal feelings are caused by a triggered placenta death trauma from birth; and discuss the ramifications for therapy and treatment.

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