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Course #310: Subcellular Psychobiology Research
For Biologist and Physicians

Course Description:
            One of the most important applications of subcellular psychobiology is to the finding and understanding the biological cause of various diseases of unknown etiology, be they physical or mental. In this course, Dr. McFetridge will be teaching the methods they have derived over the last decade to finding these causes. The second half of the course addresses potential treatment methods, based on prenatal developmental psychobiology once the underlying disease biology is understood. Specific subcellular techniques that allow a non-drug based psychoneuroimmunology approach are also explained.

            Issues of testing, client safety, and reliability will also be covered, again based on the experience the Institute's research staff have implemented based on over twenty years of research work.

Who is this course for?
            This course is designed for researchers who are already working on a specific disease, or starting a career in finding cures for specific diseases.


  • Completion of courses #110, 120, 130 or instructor permission.

Required Reading:
  • Breakthrough Research by Dr. Grant McFetridge, et al. (in preparation).

Course Length:
  • Estimated 5 days

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