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Course #140: Miscellaneous Therapy Techniques
Professional Therapist Training

Course Description:
            This course covers various PeakStates healing therapies and support techniques. This course focuses on various techniques that address often unrecognized trauma types, as well as some other subcellular disorders that cause serious problems.

            You will get practice and tools for identifying and healing 'core issues' (major trauma-caused emotional and behavioral dysfunctions that are difficult or unnoticed by the person with them) in clients and therapists. You will also learn a technique for healing major emotional issues when nothing else will work.

Course Content Overview:

  • Rapid Whole-Hearted Healing™
  • Body Association Technique™
  • Waisel Extreme Emotions Technique™
  • Image Streaming
  • Learn to identify and heal core issues
  • Global subcellular dysfunction: s-holes, viral net, generational trauma
  • Supervised sessions with clients

Who is this course for?
            This course is designed for therapists or physicians who are seeing clients. Others are welcome with instructor permission (to make sure the course is appropriate, and to make sure that the student realizes how much time is spent working with clients).

  • Completion of courses #110, 120, 130.

Required Reading:
  • In class manual.

Course Length:
  • Estimated 4 days

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Revision History
Jan 17, 2016: Renumbered the course, and combined two short courses into one longer one.
Nov 20, 2009: Changed the course number from 181 to 140, and incorporated it in the basis curriculum rather than being something taken after certification.
Nov 11, 2011: Changed the course length to 2 days from 5. Moved the peak experience to peak states process to course #150.
Oct 15, 2011: Changed the course contents from 'more healing tools' to 'diagnosis'.
Nov 20, 2009: Added practice after the course, and more course description. Changed the number from 130 to 121.
July 7, 2009: First description of this course.