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Subcellular Psychobiology & Prenatal Trauma

With the advent of new tools, techniques, and theoretical models, it is now possible to understand and eliminate a wide variety of physical and mental symptoms that have not been able to be addressed before - or if they were, not as efficiently or quickly.

Subcellular Psychobiology

            This new 'disruptive technology' is based on several fundamental breakthroughs in biology. First, the discovery that there is a single cell that sets the pattern for all cells in the body. This cell, called the primary cell, is found in the brain. Because problems inside this cell are the cause of psychological issues (such as trauma, mental disorders, disease, etc.), this new field is called 'subcellular psychobiology'. This new breakthrough allows biologists to actually find the biological causes for psychological conditions that have never been understood before. For example, epigenetic damage can be understood at the subcellular level - and it turns out this histone damage to genes is the underlying cause for the existence of trauma in people. And it turns out that selected epigenetic damage can be eliminated by using various trauma techniques.

            The implications of this discovery are revolutionary. Although it requires skilled professionals to identify how particular subcellular problems are causing mental disorders or physical diseases, once this is done, a simple treatment can be created that focuses on the exact, underlying cause of a problem. As many of today's problems are diseases of unknown etiology, this allows the real cause of a disorder to be identified - and this is a huge step forward in medicine.

Prenatal Trauma

            The second major breakthrough was in developing tools to easily access prenatal developmental experiences. Trauma in early developmental events causes vulnerabilities and problems inside the primary cell, giving rise to symptoms in the person. Hence, the subcellular and developmental viewpoints are two sides of the same coin - early developmental trauma in the past causes problems inside the cell in the present. With the advent of new generation of techniques, it is now possible to address those early key developmental traumas to eliminate primary cell damage that cause emotional and physical symptoms.

            Although this field of prenatal psychology has existed for decades, it has languished due to a lack of efficient techniques. It was also not clear why this field was relevant to problems in clients - the connection between structural issues in the cells and early development was not clear until now.

            The implications of these discoveries is profound. For example, once a treatment is derived and tested, a typical therapist or even the person themselves can treat their condition. For example, it opens the possibilities for treatments of specific diseases in third world countries that could not be addressed before due to issues of poverty and social organizations. For many people, a simple video or even written instructions can be adequate for treatments.


            Courses listed in this heading focus on understanding both the subcellular environment and its link to psychological issues. Techniques that directly affect the primary cell to eliminate client issues, as well as techniques designed to heal prenatal, perinatal, and post birth trauma are taught in these courses.


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