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The teaching staff lives and teaches in many countries around the world. All staff speak English (although this may not be their native language). Feel free to contact them with your questions, as they enjoy getting to know current and potential students who share an interest in this new field of psychobiology. (For a complete list of staff at the Institute, go to our staff directory.)

Nemi Nath photo
Nath, Nemi

Training Director & Research Faculty
Lillian Rock, NSW Australia
Tel: +61 266 897 455
Email: Email address of Nemi
Nemi runs a 20 bed retreat center and clinic in northern Australia. The past president of the World Breathwork Federation, she now spends her time as a therapist, researcher and teacher for the Institute.

For more information about Nemi, click here.
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McKenzie, Shayne

CEO and Clinic Director
NSW, Australia
WhatsApp or Telegram ‭+41 76 269 7566
Email: Shayne McKenzie email
Shayne is a trainer, Clinic Director, and CEO of the Institute. He teaches in Canada, US, the EU, Hong Kong, Australia, Morocco and online. Shayne's background is in business management and coaching, as well as trauma therapy. His research focus is on OCD, depression and on exceptional states of consciousness.

For more information about Shayne, click here.
Agata Szyplinska photo
Szyplińska, Agata

Teaching & Research Faculty
Canary Islands, Spain; Krakow, Poland
Tel. 0034 685051586 (Gran Canaria), 503975081 (Poland),
Email: Email address of Agata
Agata is a licensed therapist in Poland. She does research for the Institute and teaches new students in Poland.

For more information about Agata, click here.

Grant McFetridge photo

McFetridge, Grant

Research Director
Hornby Island, BC Canada
Tel. 250-413-3211
Email: Email address of Grant
Dr. McFetridge lives on Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada, but spends much of his time traveling around the world to work with the research staff. Grant teaches psychobiology in both Canada and the United States, as well as occasionally lecturing in electrical engineering at Cal Poly in California.

For more information about Grant, click here.
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Glowacki, Arkadiusz

Student Coordinator (Polish students)
Tel. +48 603 059 545
Email: Pasted Graphic
Arkadiusz coordinates the Peak States therapist certification process for Polish graduates, and acts as a resource for Polish certified therapists. He is a therapist in Poland.

For more information about Arkadiusz, click here.
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Pожина, Bepa (Rozhina, Vera)

Student Coordinator (Russian students)
Moscow, Russia
Tel. +7
Email: Vera email
Vera coordinates the Peak States therapist certification process for Russian graduates, and acts as a resource for Russian certified therapists. She is a therapist in Russia.

For more information about Vera, click here.
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Roux, Julien

Student Coordinator (French speaking graduates)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Email: Julien_PSemail
Julien coordinates the Peak States therapist certification process for French speaking graduates, and acts as a resource for French speaking certified therapists. He is a therapist in Canada.

For more information about Julien, click here.

Emeritus faculty

These are our colleagues who've taught at the Institute in years past, but are not currently teaching.

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Lenard, Grażyna

Emeritus teaching & research faculty
Szczecin, Poland
Tel: +48 501 412 781
Email: Email address of Grazka
Grażyna has a wide range of interests - she has been a researcher at the Institute, taught therapists and our clinical staff, and worked as a judge in the Polish court system. She is still an Assessor for the Institute.
Grazyna Niedzieska photo
Niedzieska, Grażyna

Emeritus Teaching & Research Faculty
Warsaw, Poland
Tel: +48 607 637 877
Email: EmailGraz
Grażyna was primarily involved with research and teaching. She lives and works in Poland.

For more information about Grażyna, click here.
Lailah Johansson photo
Johansson, Lailah

Emeritus Teaching & Research Faculty
Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel: +45 2061 6688
Email: Email address of Lailah
Lailah worked both in research and teaching for the Institute. Her special area of interest is cancer research.

For more information about Lailah, click here.
Leif Pedersen photo
Pedersen, Leif

Emeritus Teaching Faculty
Vejle Nord, Løsning, Denmark
Tel: +45 7556 0838
Email: Email address of Leif
Leif sees clients in Denmark and used to teach for the Institute.

For more information about Leif, click here.
Ingka Malten photo
Enyan, Ingka

Teaching & Research Faculty
Wustrow/Wendland, Germany
Tel: +49(0)162 9060 211
Email: EmailIngka
Ingka works as a therapist, and does research and teaching for the Institute. Her current research interest is cerebral palsy.

For more information about Ingka, click here.

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