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Course #110: The Triune Brain and Cell Organelles
Therapist/Biologist Training

Course Description:
            This course emphasizes training in working with triune brains for healing and peak states. We also teach about a variety of unusual healing problems, with practice in healing them. We will show how to use the triune brains to find trauma.

            This course is also useful for biologists who are interested in understanding the biological basis of our treatments for specific diseases.

WHH Workbook cover
Course Content Overview:
  • Organelles and their importance to biological structures
  • Triune Brain Therapy
  • Focusing
  • Courteau Projection Technique
  • Brain shutdown
  • Buddha structures
  • Dominant brains
  • Sessions with brains

Who is this course for?
            This course is for both laypeople and therapists. Note that there are experiential sessions that can involve emotionally difficult experiences.

  • Approval from instructor.
  • We recommend taking the introduction course.
  • No current psychiatric or major problem issues (such as suicidal tendencies) - these classes are not for healing of major personal problems.
  • No potentially life threatening conditions such as a weak heart.
  • Signed liability and health forms.

Required Reading:
  • The Whole-Hearted Healing Workbook (2013) by Paula Courteau (Chapter 2, pgs. 74-76)

Suggested Reading
  • Peak States of Consciousness, Volume 2 (2008) by Grant McFetridge et al. (Chapters 1-5)

Course Length:
  • Estimated 2.5 days (ex: Friday night to Sunday evening)

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Revision History
Nov 20, 2009: Changed course number from 121 to 100 to move it before the WHH course. Included more overview info, and changed the course length from 9 to 7 days.
July 7, 2009: First description of this course.