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Developmental Psychobiology and Peak States

There is yet another aspect to early pre-birth developmental trauma - sometimes it can block states of exceptional mental health. Called 'peak states' by the Institute, there are around a hundred different positive states of consciousness that people can have continuously. The focus of these courses is on understanding and acquiring some of these exceptional states of consciousness by addressing these particular kinds of prenatal trauma issues.

We also focus on problems and dysfunctional states that can sometimes occur spontaneously or are triggered by the use of various spiritual or psychological techniques ("spiritual emergencies").

Prenatal developmental events and peak states

Although unknown in conventional spiritual traditions or psychological models, a psychological peak state correspond to a biological metabolic pathway and/or structure that is functioning optimally inside some part of the cell. (In some cases, the positive 'state' is instead due to the absence of a particular subcellular disease or damage.)

Fortunately, it turns out that trauma at key developmental moments in past prenatal development are the block to the optimum function of the primary cell in the present. Thus, with the development of effective prenatal trauma-healing techniques, and new methods to access these key moments, completely new ways to understand - and acquire - these states of exceptional mental (or physical) health is now possible. To restate this in another way, spiritual practices or spiritual 'growth' is not necessary to gain such states - instead, healing the trauma that blocks or inhibits a state is far more efficient and effective.

Specific diseases and disorders

To most people, a much more important application of this prenatal developmental trauma approach is in the treatment of specific diseases and disorders. Fortunately, the same principles and techniques used for peak states of consciousness also apply to psychological-like techniques for becoming immune to specific diseases. For specialized courses on specific diseases, go to this webpage.

This work is a completely new technology, and decades will be required to fully explore it; each year our understanding and techniques continue to improve.


These courses explain the theory behind our work with developmental events, and therapy students practice a few of the processes on themselves and on clients. This theory and practice is useful for our courses on treating specific serious diseases, although it is not required.

Thus, the majority of the course time is on understanding early, pre-birth developmental events - their impact on primary cell development and their psychological effects. We also teach how we trigger and heal particular developmental event trauma, as well as cover the risks and safety issues that can arise when working with these early events - as well as what to do in case this happens.

Although it is quite possible to choose a state of consciousness and track its origins to key developmental moments, we generally do not. Instead, experience has shown us that clients prefer to turn a momentary 'peak experience' into a continuous 'peak state' instead. We teach how to do this in course #150.


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