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Course #10: Introduction to Subcellular & Developmental Psychobiology
Survey Course for Laypeople

Course Description:
            This survey course is designed for interested laypeople or professionals who want to get a short experience of the new field of subcelluar psychobiology. It focuses on subcellular disorders and how that affects mental health and disease.

            The course will stress seeing both disease (mental and physical) and treatments from the new lens of subcellular dysfunction. It will go into why this is such a 'disruptive technology' and the future impacts of this approach to medicine.

Course Content Overview:

  • Understanding subcellular psychobiology
  • The primary cell concept and how it affects treatment of disease
  • Prenatal developmental events and their impact on subcellular structures
  • The subcellular cause of trauma
  • Epigenetic damage and its treatment
  • Psychoneuroimmunology from a subcellular perspective
  • The role of parasite classes in mental and physical disorders
  • "Pay for results' as a new orientation in medicine
  • Experiential demonstrations

Recommended Reading
  • The videos and webpages on our research website, especially those on subcellular psychobiology.
  • 'Disruptive technologies' at wikipedia.

Course Length:
  • 1 day

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Revision History
Jan 17, 2016: New introductory course for laypeople and professionals.