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Course #30: Introduction to 'Pay for Results' Billing
Survey Course for Laypeople

The field of therapy routinely charges for time spent with a client (by the hour or by the visit), not by whether or not they get results. In the last decade, with the advent of powerful trauma-healing techniques, a therapist can now expect to solve the client's issue in a fast and efficient manner. Hence it is now possible for the therapist to switch to a 'pay for results' basis for charging clients. This would align therapists with standard practice for most other professions, ranging from engineering, car repair, to your corner grocery store.

This course teaches a therapist in how to implement a successful 'pay for results' billing system, the pitfalls and the advantages. It also covers another key aspect of this change - how to write client agreements, and how to change the way that diagnosis is normally done. Agreements and diagnosis are linked - we'll be using examples and practicing these skills in the class. We'll also be looking at several different ways to implement 'pay for results' in different client settings.

We'll also be looking at common emotional reasons that make this transition from hourly billing to performance billing difficult for conventionally trained therapists.

Who is this course for?
            This course is for both laypeople and therapists. Note that the experiential session can involve emotionally difficult experiences.

Course Length:

  • 4 hours


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Revision History
October 31, 2008: First description of this course.